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Hello beautiful stranger and welcome to my world! I’d like to offer you a very special opportunity - to join my inner circle and become a part of the CC fam. Creating music has always been a huge part of my life, but I couldn’t do it without the love and support of the people around me, my community. Making music that is able to touch others, no matter their background or how they identify themselves, is something I feel very passionate about. Knowing that you are here because you heard a song of mine that struck a chord with you, or made your heart move in peculiar and new ways, makes me endlessly grateful. So first of all, I want to acknowledge YOU. Thank you for listening and for keeping the music alive. I look forward to seeing you inside!

Courtney Cooper

Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Brooklyn, NY

Courtney Cooper, a Brooklyn based singer and songwriter, is the next rising star of the new class of indie pop singers. Courtney invites listeners in on an intimate journey of out-the-box raw passion and soul. Courtney attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where she discovered her passion for recording. Following her time at Berklee, Courtney relocated to NYC to pursue her music career full-time. Courtney began writing and recording her own lyrics & melodies over a number of aspiring young producers instrumentals, which would ultimately become her first full-length album, entitled "The Light," released 3/3/15 & crowd funded by Kickstarter. Her song "Be Mine" can be heard on the Starz TV series Power. Courtney soon began working on additional songs; releasing the single “Only Love” along with a self produced and edited music video. Courtney's sophomore album "W A V E S," reaches new heights with collaborations from Jacoo with streams reaching over 200k plays.

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